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Decorating Tips To Give Your Bedroom A Cosy Feel

8 Simple Decorating Tips To Give Your Bedroom A Cosy Feel


Far from just being a place to lay your head, your bedroom should be your personal retreat from the chaos that often makes up daily living in the world today. You should feel welcomed and embraced when you step into your bedroom at the end of the day. In this article, we will share eight quick tips to help you turn your bedroom into a cosy sanctuary. Read on to learn more.


  1. What have you got to work with? If you are starting from scratch, pay close attention to the lines of the room when choosing your furnishings. Be sure to set up an arrangement that is inviting, easy to navigate and clutter-free.


  1. Take Inventory and De-Clutter: If you are redecorating, list your current bedroom furnishings and get rid of things that are in the way, damaged or simply unattractive. Minimise to give yourself a sense of space.


  1. Provide For Your Comfort: If your mattress is lumpy, replace it. If it is not soft enough, add a cushion topper. Add comforting visual textures, as well by installing drapes that allow amounting to light you desire. Be sure your flooring is comforting to your bare feet. If any aspect of your bedroom is jarring or displeasing, remove and replace it. Your bedroom should be entirely welcoming and pleasant.


  1. Choose Calm Cozy Colours: Paint or paper your walls with colours that speak quietly to your soul. These may not necessarily be your usual favourites. Colours have specific, proven effects on moods. For a relaxed, quiet, peaceful feel, go with shades of blue. For warmth and cosiness, vibrant shades of yellow and gold accented with cranberry tones may do the trick. Take your time and make choices that resonate with your heart.


  1. Add A Comfortable Sitting Place: Having a comfy chair in your room will encourage you to use your retreat for more than sleeping. Set up a quiet corner where you can read, write, listen to music and just unwind. If you don’t have enough space for this, be sure to add a couple of thick pillows or bolsters to your bed so that you can sit comfortably on top of the covers to relax, even if you don’t want to sleep.


  1. Pay Attention To Your Linens: It’s easy to let your bed linens fall to ruin without even noticing it. Sleeping in shabby, mismatched bed-clothes can make you feel rather shabby, yourself. When you inventory your bedroom furnishings, don’t neglect your linens. Sort through and discard any that are excessively worn. Choose comfortable, sheets, blankets and spreads in colours and fabrics that delight you. Choose two or three sets of colours and patterns that mix and match smoothly to create endless variety in your bedroom getaway.


  1. Lighting Sets The Mood: Lamps that provide various levels of lighting are very nice in the bedroom. Being able to adjust the light level to your every mood helps make your room a welcoming retreat.

The lighting level is not the only comfort concern when it comes to lamp choices, though. You should also think about the amount of space they take up. Bedside table space often comes at a premium. Using a floor lamp or a wall lamp instead will give you more room for your carafe of water, your book and your music!


  1. Create An Effect: Even if your bedroom is just a basic four walls and a window, you can create any effect you desire with a few simple accessories. For example, you could:

* Add the illusion of an outdoor setting with a tabletop fountain.

* Disguise distracting noises with a relaxing sound machine.

* Create the effect of a cosy den with a simple electric fireplace.

* Give the illusion of more space and a relaxing setting with the mural of your choosing.

It’s All About You!


Remember that your bedroom is your very own private space. It is a place where you can go to retreat from the world, relax entirely and be yourself. When planning your cosy bedroom, take your time, use your imagination and follow your heart.